California RGV Tour Profiles

I am much better at golf when I remember to breathe
— Phil Koenig
Northwood Golf Course1-3.jpg
Cal Club1-21.jpg
I came here to drink, not to grind.
— Aaron
How did that not go in?
— Joe Garvey after shanking his drive into the trees
Olympic Club - Ocean1-18.jpg
Cal Club1-30.jpg
I am especially good at short, wide open par 5’s with temporary greens and auto 2 putts.
— Erik S.
Stay away from the deer pee, it smells awful.
— Margaret
Pacific Grove Golf Links1-40.jpg
Poppy Hills1-2.jpg
I think that one hit the cart path and bounced over the crapper.
— Matt
Pasatiempo is overrated.
— Joe... right before getting punched in the face
Blackhorse & Bayonet 1-32.jpg
Blackhorse & Bayonet 1-31.jpg
Chunked it.
— Ryan G... after leaving a bogie putt short.
I hope this one comes right back and smacks you guys in the nuts
— Scott... In tree trouble.
Rustic Canyon - RGV Tour1-54.jpg
Rustic Canyon - RGV Tour1-57.jpg
Oh man, this one is going in
— Channing Benjamin, right before making a birdie putt to clinch the match
I felt lame being the only rider
— Adam... on his use of a golf cart
Tradition Golf Club1-57.jpg
Vintage Club1-61.jpg
I call that one the Bandon Ball
— Colin Tucker - after stuffing his approach to a foot
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club1-26.jpg
My Life is Complete
— Jeff B - after joining the RGV Tour
San Diego Country Club1-21.jpg
This is exponentially better than an Econoline
— Chris D on the RGV