Gamble Sands - Brewster, WA

Gamble Sands is definitely one of the more special places you can play golf in Washington.  It took me about 3.5 hours to drive to Brewster from Seattle and it was well worth the drive.  Designed by David McLay Kidd, the course plays 7,169 from the back tees.  Kidd describes the golf holes as discovered, not constructed, and after playing the course, you will see why.  I particularly enjoyed how each tee box flows naturally from the previous green and is connected by tightly mown fairway.

The course plays particularly friendly and offers up many approach shots that slope towards hole locations.  With a little course knowledge you can give yourself a nice advantage.  From the tee, you will be also be tempted to get aggressive.  I found that if you stay conservative, the course still rewards you with a nice opportunity to approach the green.  I was able to card 5 birdies on my day and had a total blast.  Gamble sands easily moves into my top 50 all time favorites.  What a golf course!

For those of you joining from Instagram, that was a Bull Snake who photo-bombed my birdie on #17.  Be sure to check him out in the gallery.