Kalispel Golf Club - Spokane, WA

Originally known as Spokane Country Club, the club was founded in 1898 and designed by Jim Barnes.  At that time, annual membership dues were $5 and greens consisted of little more than dirt and sand with tin cups for holes.  In 1946, the course hosted the very first US Women's Open won by the legendary Patty Berg.  The course was most recently redesigned by Robert Muir Graves in 1988 and another golf legend, Tom Watson, holds the course record at 11 under par.

in 2013, the club was ordered to pay $500,000 in a gender biased discrimination lawsuit.  According to the lawsuit, women were not given the same considerations when it came to tee times, events, and were denied access to certain areas of the club.  Spokane Country club was found guilty of violating the Washington Law Against Discrimination.  

After the lawsuit, Spokane Country Club filed for bankruptcy and was purchased by the Kalispel Tribe.  It is always sickening to here of discrimination in the game, however, this change has served as a fresh start.  Based on my experience, the management is working hard to create an environment in which everyone is welcome and treated equally.