Maderas Golf Club - Poway, CA

Nestled in the northern hills of San Diego, you will find Maderas Golf Club, one of California's finest public golf courses.  A Troon managed facility, Maderas Golf Club was designed by Johnny Miller and Robert Muir Graves and opened to the public in 1999.  Only in the past several years has it come on the national radar as one of the top 100 public courses in America.  

Even though we teed it up in late January and the Bermuda grass was mostly dormant and brown, the course still had an undeniable beauty to it.  As far as play is concerned, Johnny and Robert have done a fantastic job incorporating strategy and giving the player options off of the tee.  The approach shots are also very scenic and tempt the play to attack the well crafted green complexes.  There are plenty of chances to score here and you will have an absolute blast whether you succeed or fail in your attempts.

For our round here, a new pushup game record would be established.  For those that are unfamiliar, the pushup game rules are as follows:  Any player makes a birdie on a hole, all players not making birdie on that hole are required to do 5 push-ups before teeing off on the next hole (eagles are worth 15). Game continues on each hole but for each cumulative birdie made by the group, push-up count increases by 5.  Joe Garvey would make 3 birdies and 2 eagles, Ryan Pearce would make 4 birdies, and I would add on 2 more birdies.  After doing 55 pushups on the 15th hole I would proceed to top my drive and unfortunately, Joe's final eagle would come on 18 and Ryan Pearce and I were forced to do 75 pushups in the parking lot.  A new pushup game record!!