Milwaukee Country Club - Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Country Club is a classic golden era golf course that holds it's own as one of the best clubs in the Midwest.  The architectural credits go to Colt and Alison with a recent redesign by Tom Doak.  The remodel has removed some trees and opened up vistas of the nearby Milwaukee River which hugs the majority of the back nine.  The course is a joy to walk and the removal of trees only adds to the course's ambiance.

On a Tuesday morning, I would be the first one out on the course and I had a fine caddie named Amelia from the Evans Scholars Foundation.  While Amelia was not the most seasoned caddie, she possessed a strong ambition and determination with her life goals.  

I limit my exposure to social media, so I can focus properly on my priorities and schooling.
— Amelia The Caddie

After that quote happened, I pretty much let Amelia tell me exactly what to do for the rest of the round.  On the par 3 12th hole Amelia would give me another quote.  "I can sense that you are going to make a birdie here."  Just as predicted I would make a birdie 2.  Later on in the round Amelia would deliver another gem.  "You sure are making lots of pars,  many more pars than most of the other players I caddie for."  Amelia was right again, as I would make enough pars to keep it in the 70's.  Best of luck to Amelia as she pursues what will undoubtedly be a successful life journey.