White Horse Golf Club - Kingston, WA

White Horse Golf Club is the first golf club designed by Pete Dye's niece, Cynthia Dye McGarey.  The course opened in 2007 to critical acclaim, receiving the Golf Digest honor of "Best New Courses in America"  However, in typical  Dye fashion the course was substantially difficult, maybe even too difficult for the average golfer.  After struggling financially for several years, local architect John Harbottle would redesign the golf course.  Harbottle removed nearly half of the courses bunkers and provided friendlier approach shots into the greens.  Today it remains a challenging and fun test of golf.

My favorite moment of my first round at White Horse occurred on the 18th tee box.  As I sized up the difficult tee shot, a bald eagle buzzed right by me and landed out in the rough.  He looked back at me and waited for me to hit my tee shot.  In the name of America, I popped one right down the middle.  He approvingly took off, I assume to tell his eagle golf buddies about my drive.

Oddly enough, he had some kind words for me as he sailed into the distance.  I snapped a quick shot for photographic proof of the story.  My apologies for the poor quality, as he was a rather swift eagle.