Oak Quarry Golf Club - Riverside, CA

Affectionately know as "The Rock," Oak Quarry is easily one of the best options for public golf in the LA area.  In conjunction with Rustic Canyon, these two courses offer a bright spot in an area with very few good options.  Without a doubt, the course's signature hole is the stunning 14th.  Set in the recesses' of the quarry, this is one fun, and photogenic golf hole.

I rolled the dice on my visit and got paired up with 2 fantastic folks for great day of golf.  Despite the lengthy round, the company and the golf made for a very enjoyable day.  I even managed a closing birdie on 18.  Which, in my opinion, is the most satisfying hole on any golf course that you can birdie.  There may be a few exceptions, but there is nothing quite like walking back to the club house with a solid finish on your mind.