Olympia Fields CC - North - Olympia Fields, IL

Olympia FIeld's North Course was designed in 1923 by Willie Parker Jr.  The course has hosted 2 US Opens, 2 PGA Championships, 5 Western Opens, 1 US Amateur Championship and a US Senior Open.  

Below I have compiled a short list of factual connections that I have with Olympia Fields' North Course.

  • The first US Open that I attended as a golf fan took place at Olympia Fields in 2003.
  • The first time I saw Tiger Woods hit a golf ball was on #3 at Olympia Fields, I remember it well.  #3 was also the first and only birdie I would make at Olympia Fields.
  • The first time that I played golf with a President of the United States was at Olympia Fields.  See Golf Blog.
  • As a teenager in the 60's, my mother was involved in a "joy riding incident" on one of the greens at the club.  The shame of this incident still haunts our family legacy to this day.