Poppy Ridge - LIvermore, CA

Along with Poppy Hills in Monterey, Poppy Ridge is owned and operated by the NCGA.  This makes the NCGA the only regional golf association to own and operate 2 different courses.  Designed by renowned architect Rees Jones, Poppy Ridge is a great collection of 3, 9 hole courses.  In my opinion, the best public course in the East Bay area of San Francisco.

The 3 9 hole layouts, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Chardonnay, are named after the vineyards that the course runs through.  A variety of different grasses gives the course character as there is only one tree on the course, a valley oak on Chardonnay's 8th hole.  The Merlot 9 is probably the most difficult of the 3 9's, but each course provides a great golfing challenge.

On the hole in the first shot of the gallery, I hooked my tee shot left into the junk.  While searching for my ball, I stepped on a 4 foot gopher snake.  Coincidentally, I also jumped 4 feet in the sky as he snapped back at me.  I ended up finding my ball and made a bogey as the snake slithered away.