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Round 4 Competition Putters

Fresh out of the box!

Fresh out of the box!

Round 4 is anything but your typical off the rack offering, they barely advertise and have decided to simply let the brand grow through word of mouth and satisfied customers.  This slow growth has allowed them to provide top quality service. 

Our customers right now are the guys who seek out quality brands that fly under the radar and enjoy being in-the-know about up and coming new products.
— Al Vikmanis - Founder

After receiving the putter, I immediately put it in the bag and headed down the street to my local putting green.  I  felt confident with the feel and sound of the putter right away and after holing putts for a half hour or so I decided to put it in play the next day at Chambers Bay.  While I do not have a miracle story about only having 18 putts the next day, what I did find was that my lines were spot on and I it was incredibly easy to start the ball on my intended line.  It was just a matter of time before I start rolling everything in.

Over the next 10 rounds or so, my confidence increased with each round and each putt.  I was eager to get to the green and score.  I believe in creating a long term healthy relationship with one's putter and this is definitely the start of a great friendship.

It’s a marriage. If I had to choose between my wife and my putter, well, I’d miss her.
— Gary Player

If you are in the market for a putter change and are looking for a top of the line option from a company that has a true passion for putting, you owe it to yourself to consider Round 4 Competition Putters.  But that's not all folks, I saved the best news for last.  Readers of are eligible to receive 15% off of their order with Round 4.  Just simply use coupon code: PJKoenig.  Valid until the final putt is holed at the 2016 Masters.

For years I have played a Scotty Cameron GOLO putter, that was "gifted" to me after a particularly generous man 5-putted the 18th hole at Pasatiempo Golf Club.  While the story of receiving the putter is fantastic, my putting with it never was.

Being in the market for a flat stick change, I was interested when I met Round 4 founder, Al Vikmanis.  It was immediately clear that Al has a passion for putters.  He started the company with an interest in doing something different and special that wasn't focused on brand recognition.  Round 4 Putters are designed with the highest craftsmanship available for those who have a true passion for the game.

Our putters aren’t special because of who designed them; they’re special because of how well they’re made, how beautifully they’re designed, and how well you can putt with one that fits your eye and your stroke.
— Al Vikmanis - Founder

One of the best things about Round4 is the high level of customization and service that you will receive.  After several email exchanges with Al, I decided to go with the heel shafted Slider with orange paint and a hot orange grip.  At 365 grams, 4 degrees of loft, and 32" in length, I was ready to party.

After rolling in birdies on #3, #6, and #16, I made a sweet 30 footer for birdie on 18 at  Wolf Creek  with my new Slider.  

After rolling in birdies on #3, #6, and #16, I made a sweet 30 footer for birdie on 18 at Wolf Creek with my new Slider.  

The birdie putt drops!  Disclaimer: Round 4 putters do not come with the Red Hot Chili Pepper soundtrack.


After putting my Round 4 putter into play about 9 months ago, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my putting.  Mostly, I attribute this to my comfort level with the new putter.  With each birdie putt that drops, the relationship grows stronger.  

With the putter getting so much love, the orange paint began to wear.  The good news is that the folks over at Round 4 have a dedication to customer service.  I shipped the putter back and they quickly outfitted me with a new paint job.  The green feels right!