Rainier Golf & Country Club - Seattle, WA

Rainier Golf & Country Club was founded in March of 1919, making it one of the oldest clubs in the Pacific Northwest.  However, it wasn't until 1921 that the course officially employed a Greenskeeper at the rate of $100 per month.  The grass was cut with a gang mower drawn by horses and the local rules permitted kicking the ball out of the horse tracks.  Not a horse print was to be found on my visit in 2016.

When the second nine opened in 1924, golfers were required to help clear the new fairways of rocks and were required to turn in a bucket of rocks before they were permitted to play.  The old "no rocks, no game" rule is no longer in play today.

The putter was ice cold on a warm day in August when I played Rainier Golf Club.  With 13 birdie attempts and 5 of those inside of 10 feet, I was unable to find the bottom of the cup once.  I would have to take joy in the smell of the fresh cut and 'rock free' fairways.  Mmmmm, golf.