Shoreacres - Lake Bluff, IL

As Shoreacres is a non electronic device club, I am only posting the photo from the club's entrance.  Beyond this sign lies one of Seth Raynor's first acclaimed designs.  Shoreacres opened for play in 1921 and over the next 70 years Raynor's design features and intentions became less apparent.  That's when Tom Doak and Renaissance Design came in and restored Shoreacres to Raynor's original intentions.

After reading much about Seth Raynor golf courses, I was very excited to visit the course and play.  This would be my first round on a Seth Raynor design.  Although, I did not bring my A game or my camera, I certainly enjoyed my time out at Shoreacres.  If you have a chance to go beyond this sign, you are in for a treat.