Superstition Mountain CC - Superstition Mountain, AZ

As I drove into Superstition Mountain Country Club, I popped on some Stevie Wonder to set the mood.  I highly suggest playing some Superstition yourself as you browse the gallery.  I will hang tight while you wait for that stupid YouTube ad to play.

Now that you are grooving hard to Stevie, let's jump into the details.  The course is home to 2 Nicklaus designs, The Prospector and Lost Gold.  For our visit, we only had time for the Lost Gold.  I was joined by Kenzie OConnell and Kyle from Tathata Golf.  While Kyle took care of making enough birdies for the 3 of us, Kenzie and I worked on our modeling skills.  Since Kenzie and I had previously done some mineshaft modeling up in Canada, it was time to hone our drainpipe modeling skills.  As you can see in the pictures or drainpipe model game is strong.