The Bridges Golf Club - San Ramon, CA

The most common complaint that I have heard about The Bridges Golf Club is that it is too difficult and relatively unfair to the average golfer.  Those critiques usually come from the golfers who did not consistently find the fairway.  Hitting the fairway from the tee is the key to playing well at the Bridges.  Otherwise, you will find that there is plenty of trouble awaiting your Titleist.  I have done a little of both during my handful of rounds here.

Having heard the criticism for years, in 2013, The Bridges brought in course architect Jay Blasi to soften the course and renovate some of the bunkers.  The result is a more playable course for the high handicapper that still remains a challenge for the scratch golfer.  The course retains a rather high slope and course rating at 144 and 74.3 respectively.