The Crossings - Carlsbad, CA

I chose to include this course on my website because I viewed it as an opportunity to discuss several points that concern me when I play a golf course.  The Crossings at Carlsbad hits home with these 4 points.  Not all holes fit this list, but there certainly is an overriding theme.

1.)  Obviously artificial and un-natural features.  Some times these can be ok, most of the time they are just expensive and look out of place.

2.)  Golf courses that are designed without walking as a serious consideration.  While I am not opposed to getting in a cart, I believe that a great round of golf should be walked.

3.)  Strategy from the tee only dictates only one obvious route with severe penalties for missing the target.  While, I certainly value and admire shot execution, creativity and imagination are what makes golf fun to play.  

4.)  Greens can be challenging without being severe.  While I often enjoy a multi-tiered green, I don't believe they should be so frequent. 

There are certainly some solid golf holes at The Crossings and our group had an enjoyable time playing the course.  The friendly staff also helped to ease the pain of the large number of 3 putts on the multi-tiered greens.