Troon North Golf Club - Scottsdale, AZ

Located in the high Sonoran Desert, Troon North is one of the best options for public golf in the Scottsdale area.  Consistently ranked in the top 100 "Courses You Can Play," the stark contrast of the lush greens and the desert terrain always makes for a great picture and a fantastic golfing experience.  Tom Weiskopf has designed two courses at Troon, the Pinnacle and the Monument.  The pictures you will find in the gallery are from my round at the Pinnacle course.

One of the more interesting hazards are the taller cacti that rise into the potential line of flight for a golf ball.  As you will see in the pictures, these cactuses were littered with waywardly struck golf balls.  You will also find plenty of wildlife climbing, crawling, or slithering around the course.  That bird in the gallery is actually a roadrunner.  Meep Meep.

Be sure to put Troon North on your list of destinations for any respectable Scottsdale golf trip.