Tuscany Golf Club - Henderson, NV

Tuscany Golf Club is a great addition to any Vegas golf outing.  Boasting views of the nearby Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, the course is only 20 minutes from the strip.  Also moderately priced, the course is one of the better values in the area.

For quite some time our group has been playing the push up game.  The rules of the game are as follows:  Any player makes a birdie on a hole, all players not making birdie on that hole do 5 push ups.  Game continues on each hole but for each cumulative birdie made by the group, push up count increases by 5.

On this particular outing, our group decided to make a ton of birdies.  The birdie count rose to 10 on #17 and I had to settle for par.  After doing some quick math, I would be required to do 50 pushups on the 18th tee box before hitting my drive.  50 pushups!  Somehow I managed to pull them off, and then with my arms feeling like jello, whacked my drive down the middle.  Still not sure how I managed to even hit the ball.

Non pushup doer and golf wardrobe enthusiast, Joe Garvey, fired up a hot 71 while wearing hot pink shorts on our trip here.