Yocha Dehe Golf Club - Brooks, CA

Located right next to the Cache Creek Casino and about 2 hours north of San Francisco you will find the fantastic Yocha Dehe golf course.  Yocha Dehe means "home by the spring water" in the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation's native language.  I found the "spring water" several times on our visit.  

Yocha Dehe is a Troon managed facility and Golfweek ranks the course as a top 50 casino course. The course also features no housing developments on the property with plenty of views of the surrounding hillsides of Capay Valley.  Overall, Yocha Dehe provides a great feel and a very playable challenge.  


On the first post RGV Tour round, I made a return trip to Yocha Dehe in February of 2019. Joining me for the experience was Nikki Bondura of FOREher Sports and Master Nitty himself. To catch the inside scoop, visit the Instagram story that has been preserved indefinitely on YouTube