Yocha Dehe Golf Club - Brooks, CA

Located right next to the Cache Creek Casino and about 2 hours north of San Francisco you will find the fantastic Yocha Dehe golf course.  Yocha Dehe means "home by the spring water" in the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation's native language.  I found the "spring water" several times on our visit.  

Yocha Dehe is a Troon managed facility and Golfweek ranks the course as a top 50 casino course. The course also features no housing developments on the property with plenty of views of the surrounding hillsides of Capay Valley.  Overall, Yocha Dehe provides a great feel and a very playable challenge.  

On this particular golf trip, I remember Clash CEO, Joe Garvey taking everyone's money in the parking lot.