Moose Run Golf Club - Fort Richardson, AK

Moose Run Golf Club - Fort Richardson, AK

Moose Run Golf Club - Homer, AK

"Mr Koenig we have a slight delay on the 1st tee."  What could be the reason I wondered.  It was not because of a frost delay or slow play, it was because there was a big Black Bear chilling on the 1st tee box.  I offered to let him join our group, but the marshall ended up chasing him off.  

This course was surprisingly hard and unforgiving, a lost a handful of golf balls on what I thought were good shots.  In a state where there are few options for good golf, Moose Run is one of the better courses you can play.  

The Tips - Homer, AK

Founded in 1982, The Tips is a reminder to anyone that plays it, that sometimes the simplest rounds of golf can be the most memorable.  Originally starting as a back yard project, the course has grown into a full 18 holes.  The course remains in the backyard, it just now has 18 tee boxes with 9 different greens.  However, The Tips is not without it's credentials, the local greenskeeper, Doug, used to work the greens at Augusta National.  

After chatting with Doug in the pro shop, I paid the modest greens fee and headed to the first tee.  As a frequent player of my own back yard growing up, I was excited to take on the challenge.  The course features a mix of short par 3's and will test your short game and putting skills.  I couldn't have enjoyed myself more as the sun set on a fine Alaskan evening.  I think I finished around 11pm with the sun still visible.  If you have a true love for the game and happen to be in Homer, The Tips will set your golf soul on fire!!