RGV Tour Overview

At the end of every golf trip I think to myself... "What if I didn't have to stop playing golf?  What if I could just drive down the road and go to the next golf course? The next state? Just never stop playing golf?"  For years that has been my dream.

I have decided that the time to live the dream is now.  I have resigned from my sales position, I have purchased a recreational vehicle (RV), and turned it into a recreational golf vehicle (RGV). and I am touring the country playing golf.  I will be raising money for the First Tee and I am inviting you to join me.

Yes, that's right, I quit my day job to play golf every single day.  Over the next year it will be my goal to play golf in every single state.  I will be looking to play everywhere, the local gems, the top 100's, the quirky par 3 courses, the local municipalities, and putt putt tracks.  I am starting the Recreational Golf Vehicle Tour, or the RGV Tour.  It is going to be glorious.

At the beginning of The RGV Tour, I took the local Seattle news by storm and gave em the full rundown.  Check it out here.

The First Tee Greater Seattle

The best part about the RGV Tour is that I will be raising money for a worthwhile cause, The First Tee of Seattle.  The First Tee of Greater Seattle positively impacts the lives of young people by building character, instilling life-enhancing values and promoting healthy choices through the game of golf.  It wasn't until I was older that I realized that golf has taught me some invaluable life lessons.   Everything from my relationships to my finances has changed for the better because of golf.  With all that the game of golf has given me, I feel it's important to help others to learn these lessons early on.  The First Tee is the perfect charity for that.  My goal is to present a check for $10,000 at the season ending check ceremony.

UPDATE: 7 Months into the journey, The RGV Tour has met it’s original goal of $10,000. Goal has been re adjusted to $20,000

DOUBLE UPDATE: With only days remaining, The RGV Tour has reached it’s secondary goal of $20,000. The check presentation ceremony is below

You are Invited

The second best part about the RGV Tour is that it is coming to your town.  I am inviting you to join the Tour and you don't have to go to Q School to get your RGV Tour card.  All you need is a passion for the game and a 9 iron.  Just consult the schedule and send me a message l and I will do my best to bring the RGV Tour to you.

After we golf our socks off, you will be invited to sign The RGV Tour guest book with other legends of the RGV Tour.  Upon signing, you will automatically be entered to win the season long grand prize.  The details are still being sorted out, but it will be grand.

UPDATE: 2018 scheduling has been closed.

The Recreational Golf Vehicle

At 26 feet long, the recreational golf vehicle will serve as the RGV Tour headquarters for the next 12 months.  Now, leaving behind your home and no longer having a mailing address can be scary, but this ride should ease the pain.  The Tour bus is complete with a mini golf library, a rooftop driving range, and is stocked full of golf balls and energy bars.  It is #GOLFPARTY headquarters.

The outward journey on the coast of California in Feb 2018.

The outward journey on the coast of California in Feb 2018.

The RGV Tour visits the Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

The RGV Tour visits the Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

UPDATE: The Recreational Golf Vehicle has been updated with a secondary launch vehicle. The RGV now comes with a Phat Scooter on the rear end of the ride. It’s a scooter that doubles as a golf cart and it is radical. You just strap your golf clubs on the back of the scooter and go. It’s not easy being the coolest person on the golf course, but this sweet rider will get you there.

It’s like riding a couch.
— PGA Tour Winner, Pat Perez

The RGV Tour Podcast with PJKoenig

I have also transformed the RGV common areas into a portable podcast studio.  Please find me on the RGV Tour podcast with PJKoenig.  We will go behind the scenes as I golf like a maniac and talk golf with fellow RGV Tour pros, my favorite golf brands, and various special guests.

RGV Tour Profiles

Yeah, the courses on The RGV Tour are great, but it is the people that breathe life into the RGV Tour. They are Generous, hilarious, wise, and highly skilled.  If you find yourself on these pages, you are a legend of the Tour and a hero in my heart.

The Schedule 

The tour stops will be plentiful, yet flexible.  While I have a tentative schedule for the states, I believe the magic resides in this spirit of exploration and adventure. The goal of the RGV Tour is to explore the places and people that make up the American golf landscape. 

As your Founder and Commissioner, I welcome you to The RGV Tour!!

Tour Tracks

The Tour is off and rolling hard.  You can check the progress and hone in on my location here.

UPDATE: On February 1st, 2019 the final putt of the RGV Tour was holed at Bandon Dunes. It was a 3 footer for par and it was dead center. Over the past year, I have golfed hard and laughed harder with 793 of you. The people and places of The RGV Tour will always hold a special place in my golf heart.