Augusta National Golf Club - Augusta, GA

It's tough to write or say much about Augusta National that hasn't already been written or said 1,000 times.  You can talk endlessly about the course and its history in the game of golf, or you can go on and on about The Masters and what the golf tournament has meant to competitive golf.  In the interest of brevity, I have decided to list my top 11 favorite facts about Augusta and the Masters.

  1. The magnolias on Magnolia Lane were planted in the 1850's.
  2. There was concern that I would start crying or pee my pants the first time I saw the golf course.  I held in the tears... and the urine.
  3. In The Masters concession stand rankings, I would rate both the egg salad and bbq sandwich over the pimento cheese.
  4. Legendary architect, Alister Mackenzie, never saw the fruits of his labor as he would pass away on January 6th of 1934, just months before the first Masters.
  5. In the 50 years of hosting the Par 3 contest, it had never been cancelled due to weather.  That was until I showed up in 2017 the same time as a lightning storm.
  6. My personal favorite hole is #10.  #13 comes in a close 2nd place.
  7. From 1943-1945 the course and The Masters was closed due to World War II.  To assist with the war, turkey and cattle grazed the fairways.
  8. The Masters set the standard for tournament golf as we know it today.  The tournament was the first to use the under over par system, erect grandstands, and broadcast live to an overseas audience.
  9. My yellow pants made the telecast on Saturday of the 2016 Masters on CBS.  
  10. The guest fee for a round at Augusta is rumored to be a modest $40.  The trick is. being fortunate enough to pay it.
  11. The course has changed significantly over the years.  The original routing remains the same.  Check out this link or this one to review the details.  If you are a fan of golf architecture and history, these are awesome.