Fishers Island Club - Fishers Island, NY

Designed by Seth Raynor and opened in 1926, Fishers Island Club is one of America's best and most unique golf experiences.  Fishers Island is widely regarded as some of Raynor's best work and the course appears on top 10's in numerous "best of" lists.  Even though the course is surrounded by water, it doesn't even have an irrigation system.  With most of the holes playing along the shores edge, the course is wildly scenic and a joy to play.

It wouldn't take long to open the birdie gates at Fishers as I rolled in a nice birdie putt on the very first hole.  Stephanie Wei would also add some real gems on both the 4th and 5th holes.  But it was on the 8th hole that I would receive the bounce of a lifetime.  You can hear the full bounce story and the hole by hole account of our round on the Wei Under Podcast.