Wilderness Club - Eureka, MT

Wilderness Club - Eureka, MT

Black Bull Golf Club - Bozeman, MT

Whitefish Lake Golf Club - Whitefish, MT

Designed by John Steidel, WhiteFish Lake Golf Course features two 18 hole courses, the North and the South course.  The most visually striking holes are on the course's approach to Lost Coon Lake towards the end of the back nine.  Plenty of holes also feature views of nearby Big Mountain.

During a trip to Glacier National Park in 2012, we decided to play around of golf at Whitefish's South Course.  It poured down rain for the first dozen or so holes and we cut it up in the rain and mud.

Wilderness Club - Eureka, MT

A Nick Faldo design, Wilderness Club was ranked the #1 golf course in the state of Montana by Golfweek.  The course features a great mix of woodlands and links style features.  With great views of the surrounding mountain ranges, just about every hole was picture worthy.  When the lack of a prominent feature existed, Faldo has done a great job shaping the bunkers to frame an otherwise forgetful hole.

Speaking of Nick Faldo, be sure to check out the details of my round on the golf blog as I was able to rub shoulders with the 6 time major champion... by rub shoulders, I meant arm wrestle him.

Yellowstone Country Club - Billings, MT