Old Macdonald - Bandon, OR

I think people see me as a kind of Johnny Appleseed, planting courses wherever I go.  And that’s all right with me.
— Mike Keiser

Mike planted his 4th course at Bandon Dunes and named it Old MacDonald.  The name is a tribute to Charles Blair Macdonald. For the non golf nerds reading this, CB Macdonald is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and is considered the Father of American Golf.  His most notable work is the National Golf Links of America... a bucket lister for any golf enthusiast.

Designed by Tom Doak and Jim Urbina of Renaissance Golf Design, Old Macdonald opened in 2010 surrounding great anticipation.  Mike, Tom, and Jim would meet that anticipation head on and turned out another gem at Bandon.   Like all of the courses at Bandon, many different options are presented to the golfer on each shot.  This may be even more true at Old Mac as it incorporates many of the features one would find at courses of the British Isles.

The first thing I noticed about the course was how the tee boxes and green complexes flow and blend into each other.  The greens are also absolutely huge and cover 63 acres on the property.  For comparison, a "typical" american course only uses about 8-10 acres for their greens.  Our caddie informed us that the green on the 8th hole was the largest green in America.  As an ode to the green sizes, I 4 putted twice.