Old Oaks Country Club - Purchase, NY

In 1925, Old Oaks Country Club was called Progress Country Club and it consisted of 2 golf courses, one 9 hole course and one 18 hole course built by AW Tillinghast.  Unfortunately, the 9 hole course is now Highway 684, but the 18 holes remaining are some of the finest in Westchester.County.  Also, that impressive clubhouse you see in the pictures was previously the residence for a silk merchant named Trenor Luther Park.  Trenor must have had some serious silk sales skills.

In a day of back to back Tilly tracks, Old Oaks would be my second round in a day of 36 holes.  Hot off a poor performance at the nearby Quaker Ridge Golf Club, I would continue my unimpressive play at Old Oaks.  However, in the day's highlight, I would casually make birdie as I played through a foursome.  As far as those guys know, it was just another ho hum 69 for this guy.