Pacific Dunes - Bandon, OR

The story of Pacific Dunes starts out on the evening of Sept 19th 1999.  Mike Keiser was on the 18th fairway of Bandon Dunes when he saw smoke in the sky.  A fire had started on the property and was headed towards Bandon Dunes.  The irrigation was turned on to soak the fairways, and the maintenance crew took to dozers and and excavators to build a fire wall.  By the next morning, the fires had subsided and the crew had managed to successfully protect their golf course.  Not only had they protected the 1st course at Bandon Dunes but they had made headway for the second one.  The fire had cleared the property of the wild gorse that would have needed to be removed in order for construction to begin on Pacific Dunes.  The fire effectively saved Owner, Mike Keiser, hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction costs.

"If Bandon Dunes was Pebble Beach, then we were going to try to do something different.  We were going to be Cypress Point." - Tom Doak on the building of Pacific Dunes.  In conjunction with Jim Urbina, Tom's efforts were a success and together they built a course that the majority golf brains believe to be the premier course on the property.  Consistently ranked in the top 10 greatest public access courses, Pacific Dunes is a ton of fun to play.

Pacific Dunes was also the site of the 2nd leg of my Solo 36 hole Thanksgiving Day extravaganza in 2014.  After finishing my round up at Bandon Trails, I headed to Pacific Dunes.  It was still raining heavily, but the winds had subsided and I continued my solid play from the previous round.  I was literally the only person on the golf course at the time, the lone Thanksgiving warrior!!  I took advantage of the brisk pace and shot another 74!  PACIFIC DUNES!!!!