Adios Golf Club - Pompano Beach, FL

Adios Golf Club comes in at #1 on Golf Digest's list of Best Damn Clubs in the Country and probably has more stories than I can fit on this page.  I found the club's history to be an interesting one.

The land that would become Adios GC was originally owned by Eleanor Ritchey, the grand daughter of Quaker State Founder, Philip John Bayer.  Eleanor owned about 150 dogs and when she passed away, she left everything to her dogs.  Since dogs can't own property the bank stepped in and eventually worked a deal with Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, Arnold Palmer, Whitey Ford, and 12 others.  Arnold is credited as the architect and Adios Golf Club officially began it's history in 1982.

Today the course is more famous for it's club than it's course.  I found both to be awesome.