ArborLinks - Nebraska City, NE

As the name suggests, ArborLinks was built on the wooded hills and cornfields of Arbor Day Farm.  From "Sumac Return" to "Cottonwood Creek" each hole represents a tribute to one of the course's leafy friends.  Designed by Arnold Palmer and opening for play in 2002, Arbor Links offers up an excellent golfing experience.  Not only is the golf first class, but ArborLinks has lodges on site that allow golfers to "stay and play" until the golf thirst is quenched.  The food and amenities on site are also worth mentioning as they are excellent.  I had this cookie ice cream thing, that made me want to cry tears of food joy.

My partner in golf crime for the trip was Instagram star, Kenzie OConnell.  Kenzie always brings style to any trip... and somebody needs to video my high kicks.  While the November air was brisk, we managed to make our way around the course just fine.  'Just fine' did require 3 layers and stocking hats, but the course was in excellent shape and birdies needed to happen.  

Somewhere in the middle of the 2nd round, Kenzie would go Instagram Live.  With thousands of eager viewers hanging on our every swing, things were very tense.  Somehow, I would rise to the challenge and chip in for a birdie on the final live hole.  The celebration was obviously excessive but I felt it was necessary.  Unfortunately, Ms. O Connell would also suffer a crushing defeat in the somersault competition below.  Will Kenzie make a full recovery from this devastating sequence of events?  Only time will tell.