Cypress Point Golf Club - Pebble Beach, CA

Probably one of the most exclusive places to play golf in America.  The 15th, 16th and 17th, shown here, are the coolest stretch of 3 holes that I have ever played.  When you come around the corner after the 14th hole, the 15th hole punches you in the face just like the :53 mark of this youtube clip of Balboa vs Creed.  16th hole demands a 220 yard carry almost entirely over the ocean; I managed to hit it over the Pacific and make a 3.  

Unfortunately, in 1991, Cypress Point dropped it's rotation in the AT&T National Pro-Am because it refused to abide by the tour's new anti-discriminatory policies.  Sadly, this appears to be a trend with the nation's most exclusive and powerful golf clubs.

One of Mackenzie's ultimate masterpieces, Cypress Point is consistently ranked atop the greatest places to play golf in the universe.  It bums me out to think how few golfers will actually get to experience this course.