The Meadow Club - Fairfax, CA

The Meadow Club is Alister Mackenzie’s first American designed golf course.  Built in 1927, Mackenzie contracted to build the course for $6,500.  By comparison, today's architects command around $250,000 per course with some design fees reaching $2 million.  

Over the years, the spirit of the original Mackenzie design was lost due to overgrowth and excessive tree planting.  In the 1980's, Dr. Gary Nelson and members of several Northern California golf clubs founded the Mackenzie Society to address this issue.  Through their research, they were surprised to learn that Mackenzie had originally intended The Meadow Club to be a treeless course with a unique bunker design.

In 1998, The Meadow Club had came up with a phased restoration plan to revive Mackenzie's original plan for the course.  Over the next 6 years, Mike Devries would restore the greens to their original dimensions, rebuild the original bunker designs, and remove trees to restore Mackenzie's original lines for strategic play.

The result is a Meadow Club that is an ode to Mackenzie's original design as well as a beautiful place to play.  Although, The Meadow Club is a shorter course, the design remains timeless.  

One of my finer performances happened here when i carded a 69.  This was my 3rd round in the 60’s and perhaps the best round I have ever played.