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Golf Digest Invitational - Think Young Play Hard

I was lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural Golf Digest Invitational this past weekend.  Below is a snapshot of things that happened.  This list is non-inclusive, partially representative, and potentially offensive.  Sensitive golfers, you have been warned.

16 Things that happened at the Golf Digest Invitational

  • I realized that the race carts at Pole Position go 45 mph and that I am moderate to bad at go kart racing.
  • We hung out with the Bryan Bros and realized that hitting a golf ball out of mid air is a damn hard thing to do.
  • We also realized that hitting a wedge closer than the Bryan Bros is not easy.  Joe managed 3 feet to the Bryan Bros' 3.5 feet!  That .5 feet earned us some new wedges!
  • I shook hands with Boyz to Men and came to the conclusion that they are some chill ass dudes.
  • This awesome photo was taken of our power foursome by AJ Voelpel.
  • To start things off, a cannon exploded, blasting my hair back and preventing me from hearing properly for 2-3 days.
  • I received $50 in poker chips as swag for the tournament, I waited the entire weekend to play them, doubling up twice on the roulette wheel right before I checked out of the Mirage.  Whoop.
  • Captain Joe Garvey's shorts amazed 80% of the participants and blinded the other 20%
  • Fences were jumped mid-round to obtain Jack in the Box.
  • In an attempt to best World Long Drive Champion, Jeff Flagg, I implemented a rare somersault drive.  There is a slow motion video that exists and I will find it.  Update: it has been found.  View it here.
  • I rolled a 35 foot putt through the gaming floor of the Mirage.  It missed wide left.
  • Joey the Cat and Ryan Pearce won the entire freaking tournament!!! Congratulations boys!  Outstanding Victory.
  • We took some party selfies with the champs.
  • I took a picture of Joe Garvey's butt as he mooned our foursome from atop his golf cart on an adjacent hole.  Picture not pictured here.
  • The ever popular Ashmaeb of Instagram tried to go out the wrong way from this bunker. 
  • Golf Digest's Ashley Mayo flew into the golf course on a helicopter. We made her do push-ups.
  • This post was originally titled 23 things that happened in Vegas at the Golf Digest Invitational. It has been truncated for male nudity and extreme profanity.  Until next year Golf Digest Invitational !!!!  Think Young and Play Hard until then.