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2016 US Open Predictions

Last year, for my 2015 US Open predictions, I correctly predicted that Jordan Spieth would finish atop the pile at Chambers Bay.  However, this does not mean you should empty out your bank account and run to Vegas with this year's picks.  However, if you do manage to cash in, my usual fee is just 10%.

Top 5

  • Jordan Spieth - Comfortably holding the #2 slot in the World Golf Rankings, Jordan will also finish the 2016 US Open comfortably in second place.  Enraged with jealousy, Phil Mickelson will send out a tweet demanding a recount of Spieth's strokes.
  • Dustin Johnson - Just one year removed from the devastating events at Chambers Bay, DJ will display his ability to forget the events of the past and play like the golf animal he is.  Unfortunately, Oakmont's greens will send him several 3 putt reminders on Saturday and he will fall down the leaderboard.  In the end, DJ will back door it with a fine Sunday that sneaks him into the top 5.
  • Jason Day - Jason's ability to hit the long high ball gives him an advantage over most of the field this week.  Combined with his growing mental advantage, his skills will be too much for the rest of the field.  Jason Day will comfortably raise the trophy on Sunday after winning by 3 shots. 
  • Justin Rose -  After his US Open win at Merion in 2013, Justin has played with an edge that few other players have.  With a near ode to his 1998 hole out finish at the Open, Rose lips out from the fairway on Oakmont's difficult 18th.  He finishes in 3rd place.
  • Brooks Koepka - Nobody in the field may be trending stronger than ole Brooksy right now.  With two second place finishes in his last two events, Brooks wil be a force to reckon with.  After sharing the lead going into the weekend.  Brooks ends up slipping down the stretch and finishes alone in 4th place.  In a consolation victory, Brooks wins convincingly in an online poll as "Best looking golfer at US Open"


  • Phil Mickelson - With just about everyone in the world expecting Phil to finish in 2nd place in a US Open for the 7th time, he will actually finish in 22nd place.
  • Bubba Watson - Watson will shoot himself out of the tournament in his Tuesday practice round by complaining about the green speeds and general difficulty of the course.
  • Ricky Fowler - Fowler will suffer a minor Friday evening injury to his swiping finger in an intense barrage of Snapchats.  While not a limitation to his play, the Band-Aid on his finger will prove a difficult distraction to overcome.
  • Rory McIlroy - Unfortunately, it's more of the same this week for Rory.  Plenty of birdies offset with some big numbers.  The 8 Rory makes on Saturday is too much to shake off.  However, Rory handles it in stride and cracks the top 10.  In a seamingly meaningless side competition, Rory wins the "Tightest Golf Shirt" event.

Story Lines:

  • The biggest victor in this year's open is Oakmont.  In a return to a more classic US Open test after the previous year's at Pinehurst and Chambers' Bay, Oakmont shines.  The lightning fast greens and deep rough provide a terrific challenge for the players and the golf massochists of the world rejoice.  Jason Day takes the trophy at +4.  Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont in 1973 looks even more improbable.
  • The 300 yard par 3 8th hole at Oakmont paves the way for the 1st 600 yard par 4 in 2025.
  • Billy Horschel decides to upgrade his Octopus pants from the 2013 US Open at Merion to Sharknado pants for his Sunday round at Oakmont.
  • In a surprise invitation by USGA Executive Director, Mike Davis, I am invited to play Oakmont on the Monday following the competition.  I shoot a spiritied 112 with 45 putts.