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Several days before Halloween the wife and I were driving to the store and I was still without a costume.  Like good Seattle locals we were driving around listening to Soundgarden's "Spoonman."  "What are you going to be for Halloween?"  My wife asks.  For a second I paused, "I could be spoon man for Halloween!"

Just like that the costume was decided.  We headed to Target, picked up a hot glue gun, some thread, and 260 plastic spoons.  I spent the next 3 hours hot gluing spoons to a thread and then gluing the thread to an old pair of my wife's yoga pants.  It was important for me to do it this way to allow the spoons to swing freely.

After fashioning a rather elaborate spoon hat and spoon gloves, the costume was ready to go.  As spoon man, what should be my first Halloween mission?!  Head down to Pike Place and make some music?  Scare some trick or treaters?  No, my first mission would be to head down to The Links at Interbay for some golf.

Please enjoy this fine clip of Spoonman in the sand set to Soundgarden's  "Spoonman."