Product Reviews


Socks are socks right?  Over the course of my sock wearing career, I have pretty much maintained this point of view.  A few pairs of socks here and there have stood out.  Eventually they either wear out or eventually go missing.

The fine folks over at  LIFT23 are one of these sock brands that stick out.  They cover my 3 basic tenants of sock evaluation criteria and cover them well. 

  • They stay dry
  • They don't stink (courtesy of anti microbial and moisture control fibers)
  • The are comfortable

The folks over at LIFT23 also have a worthwhile mission outside of generating profit.  Each sale of LIFT23 golf socks will result in both of the following.  

  • Donations of socks to PGA Hope participants and veterans in local VA hospitals
  • Financial support to the PGA Hope program  

Next time you are looking for some golf socks, why not give back some socks as well.  LIFT23 can help you accomplish that goal while delivering a mighty comfortable fit.

Check out their full lineup here.