Product Reviews

Storelli Speed Grip

When Sebastian over at Storelli reached out looking to talk insoles, I wasn't necessarily stoked.  But if you think about it for a second, insoles matter.  So I figured why not, when you play as much golf as I do, you burn through insoles and shoes pretty quickly.  Plus Sebastian is a golfer and I like golfers.

You can get the basic idea of the Storelli Speed Grip from the picture below but this video does a great job of giving you the details.


Great!  So how in the hell is this going to allow me to play better golf?  Does it even matter?  That is exactly what I asked myself.  So I decided to play some golf with the insoles and give you the details.  Here is the quick 1.2.3.

  1. One of the most important aspects of the golf swing is feeling a firm connection to the earth and keeping that connection solid.
  2. Storelli Speed Grip insoles actually tape into place and do give you slightly better feel and stability in your stance.
  3. The insole only slightly effects 1 out of the 50 variables in the golf swing so it's not gonna change your life.

To me, this product falls under the nice to have category in the golf world.  It is certainly not the key to finding stability in your golf swing, but I did enjoy the insoles.  If nothing else, they mentally focused my golf brain on the importance of keeping my connection to the ground solid.  The insoles can be found here for $39.99