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A while back I did a review for a company called Tee Box Club.  It's a website where you can sign up for a monthly subscription of golf balls delivered directly to your door.  As it turns out, Tee Box Club will be joined by another competitor in the space.  A company called Revolutionary Golf Balls is looking to offer a similar service, with a custom differentiator.

That custom differentiator is actually customization.  If you are anything like the average golfer, chances are you have not been properly fit for golf equipment.  It is even more likely that you have not been custom fit for the type of golf ball that you are using.  This is were Revolutionary Golf Balls comes in.

Users will be prompted to fill out an online profile where they can store all of their swing statistics and information.  Things like swing speed, weight, gender, and handicap will be used to determine the perfect fit for each individual golfer.  If you have a golf ball preference, or already know exactly what you are looking for, an option for that exists as well.  After that, your golf balls will show up at your day every month. and away you go.

All of the golf balls you receive each month will be brand new and not refurbished.  The service also plans to offer the golf balls at a reduced cost compared to the competition.

If you are interested in learning more about this upcoming service, you can visit The company is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in March 2018.


Tee Box Club

Have you ever seen those hilarious commercials for Dollar Shave Club?  The idea is pretty simple, make sure that guys do not run out of razors and never pay too much for them.  

Well, the fine folks over at Tee Box Club have decided to take a similar approach to the golf course.  If you are like most golfers, you have undoubtedly ran out of balls or tees and had to opt for the $3 tee bag and $42 Titleists in the pro shop.  If this happens to you on a regular basis, Tee Box Club may be a good fit for you.

How it Works:

  1. Choose between Callaway Superhot or Titleist Pro V1 premium used golf balls (currently only 2 options)
  2. Choose to receive your shipment monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
  3. Receive your box on the 15th of the month

I decided to give the service a shot and here was my experience.  The box arrives promptly each month and included a dozen golf balls and 15 2 3/4" high quality wooden tees..

The first arrival of the box from Tee Box Club

The first arrival of the box from Tee Box Club

After receiving my initial shipment, I decided to put these Pro V1s into play right away at Chambers Bay.  All of the balls were in excellent condition as if they had been hit into the woods on the 1st or 2nd hole of their existence.  Some of the balls had logos, but other than that, not a scratch.  As you might imagine, I noticed no difference in the playability from a brand new sleeve.

Although it took me until the 18th hole to find my first Tee Box Club birdie, I blame the player and not the ball.  Fortunately, Tee Box Club strives to put the focus back on the game by removing any thoughts you may have about the cost of pumping two out of bounds on the 1st tee.  

Overall, it is a simple concept for a golfer that plays somewhat consistently and predictably.  Tee Box Club is an easy way to save money on the golf essentials.  To sign up or learn more, you can find Tee Box Club here.

The 14th hole at Chambers Bay was the perfect place to break in the box from Tee Box Club.

The 14th hole at Chambers Bay was the perfect place to break in the box from Tee Box Club.