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Southern California

With the PGA Tour following the RGV Tour around, I was forced to find some alternatives outside of Riviera.  The best option for great public golf in LA is Rustic Canyon.  I met up with a rowdy group of RGV Tour players and we golfed real hard to start of the Southern California leg of the RGV Tour.

Rustic Canyon - RGV Tour1-6.jpg

One of the most difficult parts of running the RGV Tour is scheduling deliveries for pickup.  Fortunately, my college friend, Jason Hees lives in LA and had agreed to be my very first delivery station.  This is where I picked up some SIC cups and some Holderness & Bourne polos for the first leg of my tour.  Those SIC cups keep water cold for what feels like weeks and H&B make one of the world's greatest polos.

As RGV Tour players make donations to the First Tee, I am handing out some of the products from brands that support the RGV Tour.  Let it be known that I only work with companies and people that I like, this way I can fully get behind the products that The RGV Tour supports.  The Tour has a strict "No Jabronis" policy.

At Shady Canyon, the Tour encountered it's first milestone in terms of outstanding play.  That play was by a man named Kevin Baker.  Kevin shot a 61 that included the most nonchalant hole-out eagle that I have ever seen.  Not only is that an RGV Tour record, but it's the best round of golf that I have ever witnessed.

Shady Canyon1-48.jpg

After LA, it was time to visit the "Most Interesting Man in the Desert," Channing Benjamin.  Channing is one of my favorite golf photographers and was an obvious easy choice for a podcast.  On the show, we jump into Channing's former life with N Sync and Britney Spears.  After our chat, he showed me the ropes at The Tradition and even found me a spot to park for a couple days in the desert.

Tradition Golf Club1-12.jpg

Channing is a blast to play with because we think pretty much the same way when it comes to golf and photography.  He also knows how to capture a pretty good high kick.

Also in the desert, you will find the world's greatest caddie, Tony Shuster.  As far as golf nuts go, Tony is probably on the same level as me.  It's not everyday that you run into a golfer that can say with certainty, "Golf Saved My Life."  Tony also runs the Muni Madness skins game at the Lights at Indio.  We talk about it all on the pod... easily one of my favorite golf conversations that I have had in a while.

The Lights at Indio1-6.jpg

After my time in the desert, it was time to head back over to the coast for one last glimpse of the ocean in San Diego.  Naturally, I found my way out onto Torrey Pines.  I would find my first eagle of the trip on #6.  #4 is shown below.

Golden Hour1-5.jpg

One of my favorite moments on tour came the next day when I went to play the often talked about Goat Hill Park.  As I walked off of the 18th green in near total darkness.  I heard a voice "Hey are you the RV Golf Guy?"  "Yes, that's me."  It turns out amateurgolf.com was doing a story on the course and they noticed my RGV from social media in the parking lot.  We did a quick pop up interview and I gave em a tour of the ride.  Afterwards, they even made generous donations to the First Tee!  The full writeup can be seen here.

Goat Hill Park1-10.jpg
RGV Tour - Cabazon Dinosaurs1-5.jpg
RGV Tour - Cabazon Dinosaurs1-11.jpg

It also must be noted that I played the Bridges of Rancho Santa Fe and my high kicks appear to be in good from during the early stages of the RGV Tour.

On my way out of California, I paid a quick visit to The Cabazon Dinosaurs.  I freaking love that place, most people are like "eh" but I go crazy for that big fake T-Rex.  The dinosaurs are from Pee Wee's Big Adventure and for whatever reason, they hold a special place in my heart.