Streamsong Blue - Fort Meade, FL

The Blue Course at Streamsong resort was designed by  Tom Doak and has a reputation as the bolder, more fun offering of the 36 holes currently at Streamsong.  Not necessarily better or worse, just different.  I continue to wrestle with which course I prefer, Red or Blue, or was it Blue or Red??  There can indeed be great joy in discussing your preferences and explanations.  Either way, both courses are challenging, fun, and well designed.  Streamsong Blue would be the second round in a fantastic day of 36 with Golf Digest's Ashley Mayo and Breaking Eighty's Sean Ogle.  

As Ashley's sunburned worsened and the birdies and sun started to fall, we golfed our little golfing hearts out on this fine Florida day in January.  It would be a sun up to sun down type of day on the golf course with 2 great friends.  

By the numbers;

  • 1 - Number of times our group was sssshhh'd by the group in front of us for having too much fun.
  • 56 - Number of pictures taken on the 7th hole
  • 2 - Number of holes played in darkness
  • 1 - Number of alligators that turned down our offer to join our threesome.
  • 100% - Percentage of effort put into birdie celebration on #3
  • 6 inches -  Acceptable distance to "kick in" your birdie putt
  • 0:5 - Ratio of jumping high fives attempted to jumping high fives successfully executed