Victoria Golf Club - Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria Golf Club was founded in 1893 and is the oldest golf club in Canada on its original location.  The course started with 14 holes and has been redesigned 3 times.  The current design was finalized in the 1920's, this put an end to hitting tee shots over the increasingly busy Beach Road.  The clubhouse is also a registered Canadian Historic Place.  

Most importantly, this would be my first time playing a haunted golf course.  Apparently, the ghost of Doris Gravlin can be seen wandering the course and frequenting the 7th green.  in 1936, Doris was strangled on the 7th fairway by her estranged husband and her body was left on the shore by the green.  Her husband would also be found a month later on a nearby shore in an apparent murder suicide situation.  Legend has it that if you visit the golf course on a full moon and you ring the bell between between the 6th and 7th holes, Doris will appear.  I even found this anti-climatic YouTube video on Doris.