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Comments on the Cleveland VAS Irons

I recently came across an article that mentioned the Cleveland VAS golf clubs and it brought back memories of the 1990's when the clubs were popular.  For those not in the know, VAS stands for Vibration Absorption System.  Which, I am pretty sure was a load of marketing garbage, but people really bought into it back in the 90's.  I did a little research and here are some of the comments I found on the irons. These are real comments from real people.  Well... real internet people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • " I was so impressed with these irons that I have already purchased a back up set." - James
  • "The looks only a mother could love." = David
  • "Easily the best feeling irons I've ever hit. - Mike P.
  • "Found the driver on Ebay for $1... Best investment I ever made." - Ty T.
  • "I am not convinced that the VAS plate absorbs too much vibration. - Jay
  • "Took my Rocket Blades out and put my VAS's in and shot my best round in 10 years." - Mark
  • "An incredible damping effect." - Andy M.
  • "I love the finish.  I love the matte pewter finish."  - JB
  • "I don't think I could commit to the swing, I'd either be laughing or puking." Mikey D
  • "I sold them in 1999 and I have regretted it ever since" - Tim
  • "Those irons may be even uglier than Corey Pavin's mustache." - BG.
  • "It may look unshankable, but trust me, you can still shank it."  Steve R. from Rhode Island

Personally, I never owned a set of the Cleveland VAS irons, but I remember a player in high school who did.  That kid's name is Travis Hampshire, so I decided to google Travis.  As it turns out, Travis is no longer a kid and actually went on to play an event on the PGA Tour, the 2011 Traveler's Championship.  Was it the VAS effect that trampolined him to the PGA Tour?   We may never know.