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A 3rd Option to Consider

In order to play golf in America, you basically have two options to get out onto the course.

1.) Pay a lump sum of money and monthly dues to belong to a private club.

2.) Pay a daily fee to play public courses.

For the majority of my golfing career, I did not want to be tied down to just one course and If I spent my money on a private club, it would be difficult to justify the cost of paying a green fee elsewhere.  So I have always opted for the 2nd option.  The good news is that there is a 3rd way to go about things.  It may not make sense for everyone but it is a viable option for the passionate golfer who likes to travel.

  • $7k initiation fee $3,150 annual dues
  • Access to a network of Private clubs

Imagine, every time you take a golf trip, being able to visit your own private golf club and not just any private club, but one of the state's best.  I haven't visited Ballyhack yet, but if you click on any of the links above, you will get a taste for the high quality of these clubs.

  The Dormie Club  in West End, NC is a Coore and Crenshaw favorite.

The Dormie Club in West End, NC is a Coore and Crenshaw favorite.

If the $7k initiation fee is holding you back, it's not due for 2 years.  The club operates under a spend off model so every time you spend money on cottages, guest fees, or even beers for your group, that total comes off of the $7000 fee.  So if you manage to drink $7k worth of beer over two years, you owe nothing.  Or, if you manage to eat $6500 worth of steaks, you would only owe $500.  A pretty cool motivation to make sure you get the most out of your membership.

 Briggs Ranch is a Fazio Texas gem.

Briggs Ranch is a Fazio Texas gem.

 Palmer's Arborlinks brings the beach and the trees.

Palmer's Arborlinks brings the beach and the trees.

The best part about the whole deal is that It's a fairly new organization that is adding clubs at an aggressive rate.  Even with 4 clubs, there is tremendous value here and there are ongoing negotiations with several other well known clubs as I type this.  The goal is to have 20-22 courses in the network by 2022 all scattered across the US.

If you are a corporation reading this, there is also an option for you.

  • $20K initiation fee
  • $9,450 dues per year for 3 designees to use.
  • Can add more designees at $1,000 a piece, up to 10 additional.

PJKoenig blog readers that sign up by December 31st 2017 at midnight will receive $1000 off the initiation fee for individual users and $2000 off of the corporate initiation fee.  Just click here and send me a message if you are interested.