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Golf Bros get after Scottsdale

The group of buddies referred to in some circles as the Golf Bros recently headed to Scottsdale to pack in 72 holes over the course of one weekend.  Here is the quick overview of the courses, the players and the statistics from the weekend.

The Players:

Joey the Cat: Joey is a 4 time national skee-ball champion and local celebrity in the San Francisco area.  He packs a solid 12 handicap and has been known to putt out of his mind.

Joe Garvey:  Joe is the wildly successful owner and founder of Clash Scavenger Hunts in San Francisco.  He also runs the Romper Room and owns a blindingly colorful selection of pants and short man shorts.

Ryan Pearce:  The lone lefty of the group.  Even though Ryan stands on the wrong song of the ball, he strikes the it with precision and has been know to sleep with his 8 iron.

John Kennelly: A seasoned Golf Bro veteran, John Kennelly owns 2 aces and Is on record for exceeding the distance of Rory McIlroy's club throw at Doral by 2.2x in distance on multiple occasions.

Kris Buerkle:  The lead logistics coordinator and winner of neatest packing job.  Kris has the fastest pair of hands in the west and can hit a golf ball 300 yards without even making a full shoulder turn.

Patrick Koenig:  Owner of and golf photo enthusiast.  Took double the amount golf photos when compared to actual golf shots.  

The Courses:

The Boulders:  12 million year old boulder formations outline the crisp green fairways on this golf course.  We took on the South Course for our day 1, round 1, welcome to the desert.

The 1st hole on The Boulders South Course.

The 1st hole on The Boulders South Course.

Southern Dunes:  About an hour south of Scottsdale, you will find the sweet rolling dunes of Southern Dunes.  Plenty of sand and no cactuses mixed up the usual formula for great desert golf.  This was my favorite course of the trip.

The 14th hole at Southern Dunes

The 14th hole at Southern Dunes

We-Ko-Pa:  One of the most highly regarded options for excellent desert golf in the area.  We-Ko-Pa offers 2 outstanding options.  We played them both and we played em hard.

The 8th hole on the Cholla Course at We-Ko-Pa

The 8th hole on the Cholla Course at We-Ko-Pa

The Statistics:

  • Total Number of holes played: 432

  • Number of photos taken inside the men's room that made it onto the internet: 2

  • Number of birdies made: 37

  • Number of eagles made: 1 (Ryan Pearce)

  • Highest # of bunker shots played in 1 round: 12 (Patrick Koenig)

  • Number of Olive Gardens visited: 1

  • Total number of cigars smoked 9: (All Joe Garvey)

  • Number of wild pigs seen crossing the fairway: 2

  • Average score for all golfers for all 4 rounds: 83.3

  • Total Number of on course push ups completed: 410

  • Number of shots that bounced off of the O.B. net that went back into the target at Top Golf giving John Kennelly the victory by 1 point: 1

  • Total number of photos taken: 432

  • Highest single hole score: 9 (Joey the Cat)

  • Lowest round: 72 (Patrick Koenig, shameless plug)

  • Number of hole in ones predicted: 1

  • Actual number of hole in ones made: 0

  • Longest Drive: 332 yards (Kris Buerkle)

  • Largest Divot: 12 inches long x 1.2 inches deep (John Kennelly)

  • Total Number of damn 4 putts: 1 (Joey the Cat)

  • Longest Putt: 60 feet: (Joe Garvey)

  • Number of balls that should have went into the hole but did not: 52

  • Total number of golfers that walked all 72 holes: 1 (PJKoenig)

  • Number of Cactuses peed on: 8

  • Total Number of golf blisters endured: 6

  • Total number of separate gambling bets going on during the final round: 12

  • Number of drivers thrown into the air in attempt to "practice the club throw" that landed on the cart path: 1 (Joey Mucha)

  • Total number of satisfied Golf Bros: 6