We-Ko-Pa Golf Club - Cholla - Fort McDowell, AZ

Located out in the beautiful Sonoran desert, We-Ko-Pa is desert golf at it's finest.  We-Ko-Pa offers two 18 hole courses the Saguaro and the Cholla course.  Both are outstanding.  The course features no urban development at all, just desert, grass, and golf.  If you only have the option of playing 18, you really can't go wrong with either course.

Battling a rare downpour and hail storm, we managed to get most of our round in on the Saguaro Course.  A return trip is in the works for March 2014!

UPDATE:  The golf bros did indeed return to the scene of the hail storm on a fresh sunny day in March of 2015.  Although it was a year later than planned, the return trip was well worth the wait.  Going for 36 holes on the final day of a Scottsdale excursion, our 2 groups took on both courses.  Heavy gambling losses were sustained by some but fun was had by all.