Scottsdale National Golf Club - Scottsdale, AZ

In 2013, Bob Parson of PXG and formerly purchased the "Golf Club Scottsdale"  for $600k and renamed it Scottsdale National Golf Club.  In 2014, he penned a letter to the members announcing some interesting changes.  Those changes included charging members a $100 service fee for each day they use the course and limiting play to 30 times per year without bringing a guest.  The goal was to remove the golfers that "play the course the most and spend the least"  In fairness to the members, Parsons graciously offered a full refund to any members that found the new policy unacceptable.  You can read the full letter here.

While it is certainly direct and unorthodox, Parsons' goal here is turn to the club into one of the most prestigious and memorable golf experiences in the world.  In addition to the policy changes, Parson is also making many additions and improvements to SNGC.  My favorite being the "The Bad Little Nine," which is billed as the world's hardest stretch of par 3's.  In fact, when the pins are tucked, Parsons has an outstanding offer of $1000 to any player who can break par.  

While Bob Parson's methods may be unusual and offensive to some.  I believe that golf needs more personalities and disruptive forces.  With a desire for greatness at his core,  I will remain interested in what Mr Parsons brings to the game of golf.