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Golf Slot Machine

One of the most fantastic things about 2016 was that ridiculously good 7 iron that you snuck through the gap in the trees that ended up 2 feet for birdie.  But if you are like most golfers, you will spend most of 2017 chasing that same shot, and will not find it near enough.  

The folks in the business of golf are keenly aware of this endless pursuit and have designed a wide variety of training aids and products to capitalize on the opportunity.  The trick for golfers is to differentiate between which products will actually help you hit more of those great shots and those that are just gimmicks.

As with most golf products, I was skeptical when I first heard about the Golf Slot Machine, but I was happy to give it a fair shot.  To give some background, here are the premises that I subscribe to when evaluating a new training product.

  • Repetition and muscle memory are the only ways to actually make a change to your swing.
  • When making changes in your swing, the movement must feel exaggerated at first.
  • Visual cues are very helpful when training.
  • Two swing thoughts are one too many.
  • Positive swing changes take real time and effort.

Here is how the golf slot machine works.  Watch Chris DiMarco explain it over there ----->

  • Lay the Golf Slot Machine down on the ground when practicing.
  • Follow the colors and cues to visualize the path of the club head.
  • Repeat the exaggerated motion for 15 minutes before taking away the aid and swinging normally.


As you can see, the Golf Slot Machine keys in on my basic criteria, but does it actually work?  The Golf Slot Machine does fall into the category of those golf products that can actually help.  Golfers that often suffer from an over the top type motion will find this product most helpful.  This is not to be taken lightly as going from a weak fade to a strong draw can actually change your life.  Even low handicappers can use the device to grove their swing paths.

Personally, I found the movement to substantially help with my driver and longer irons.  The more I used the Golf Slot Machine and got comfortable with the movement, the more I was able to trust my swing.  As I often suffer from an irritating power fade, I found myself hitting more consistent powerful drives over time.

By moving the club head on an inside to out path, most golfers can more consistently hit these powerful, well struck golf shots.  The Golf Slot Machine is certainly not a magic fix to the golf swing but it does give you great visual cues and a game plan on how to generate a proper swing path that drops the golf club into "the slot."  If you want the results, you will have to put in the time and effort but the Golf Slot Machine can help.  Learn more here.