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OnCore Golf

When it comes to golf balls, I usually have a sleeve that I paid $10.50 for in the pro shop, and then I have a handful of "other" golf balls, which is a mix of what I found in the woods while searching for my drive.  The result of this strategy has allowed me to hit just about every golf ball on the market.  

As a 2 handicap, I am still drawn to the higher end golf balls that can deliver a consistent feel around the green but also give me some distance off of the tee.  Here are a couple of my thoughts on golf balls to warm you up to my experience.

  • As a youngster, I owned and operated my own golf ball business that involved retrieving used golf balls from the creeks of the local par 3 golf course.  At one point, I think I managed an inventory of around 2000 golf balls.
  • I am old enough to remember the balata golf ball that delivered about 2-3 swings worth of durability.  
  • I think golf balls cost too much.
  • If a golf ball can't last 9 holes without looking like it got into a fight with Mike Tyson (1987), I won't play that golf ball.
  • My golf ball should not feel like a rock when I hit it.
  • If I hit a crisp golf shot, that ball should check on the green and not bounce over the back.

When the folks over at OnCore Golf came to me and explained that they had engineered a new golf ball that they believe will change the game,  I was certainly willing to listen.  OnCore has developed the only ball employing a hollow metal core that is still deemed 'conforming' by the USGA.  That's great and all, but does this actually mean anything for my game?  I don't care if the golf ball is filled with jelly beans if it can go long and land soft.

Oncore makes an Avant and Caliber line for varying swing speeds and abilities.  

Oncore makes an Avant and Caliber line for varying swing speeds and abilities.  

I took the Avant ball out for a tour and over 6 rounds here is what I found.

  • The feel around the greens is pretty much the same as I was used to with higher end tour golf balls.
  • Distance wise, I noticed a slight edge, however this is tough to really calculate, as I am certainly not a swing robot.
  • Durability was excellent.  After 13 or 14 holes, the ball appears relatively new and only displays slight scuff marks from long bunker shots.
  • Probably the biggest difference was with the borderline shots.  With the technology producing lower spin off of the tee, I noticed I was able to 'get away' with a couple of off line shots.  OnCore's robotic testing has produced approximately 10% tighter shot dispersion.

One can easily conclude that OnCore Golf has developed a premium golf ball.  The big difference here is that you can purchase these golf balls for $20 a dozen.  That's right, one dozen premium golf balls for $20.  There certainly is a demand for premium golf balls at a reasonable price and OnCore is looking to capitalize.  Get in on the golf ball party here.