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Clutch Putters

One of the best things about being involved in the golf business is the amount of passionate people you get to meet and work with.  When Shane over at Clutch Putters reached out to me with a request to review his product, I could tell immediately that this was a putter company that started with a passion.

Shane, the Founder of Clutch Putters, has been a golfer since he was 10 years old and used to run a downhill skateboarding company called Incline Longboards.   After selling that company in 2014, he decided to leverage his love for golf with his shaping and milling experience to create Clutch Putters.  Clutch works with local manufacturers in the Ann Arbor, MI area and every putter is created 100% in the USA.

Their philosophy is a simple one: "To create a high quality putter for the everyday golfer who wants to score better."

Wow, this putter feels really solid all the way through. I mean, it feels really good
— Ben Garrett - 2016 Sahalee Club Champion

The first thing I noticed about the putter is the 7 adjustable weight slots that give it a similar look to the PXG style from above. The V shaped flange of the putter also give it a subtle but obvious alignment aid.  

The second thing I noticed about the putter was that there are are no grooves on the face of the putter.  The idea is that by moving the center of gravity towards the top of the putter, a larger sweet spot with more forward roll will be created.



Overall, Clutch Putters has certainly succeeded in their mission to create a quality putter.  If you can get past the notion that only a large or well known manufacturer of putters can deliver a quality product, this might be an option worth exploring.  If the shape fits your eye, then you my friend, are in for some serious birdie bomb action.  

Clutch currently only has one offering in style and retails for $199.  You can learn more and become a Clutch Putter yourself, here, on their website.

After several rounds with Clutch, you will notice the larger sweet spot.

After several rounds with Clutch, you will notice the larger sweet spot.



The large size of the putter may be a turn off for some, but with the weight ranging from 319 to 361 grams, it is a very easy putter to handle (most putters weigh about 350 grams).  With an adjustable weight system, you can adjust your Clutch putter to match the speed of the greens you are playing.  The conventional wisdom is that a heavier putter works to slow down your stroke on faster greens.

Clutch could use an upgrade to their head covers as the putter ships with a rather plain neoprene and velcro cover.  However, a solution could easily be found at your local pro shop and Clutch is working on an upgrade.