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Bad Birdie Golf

Are you tired of blending in with the local golf crowd?  Perhaps you are looking for an edge that will set you apart from the traditional golfer?  If this sounds like you, then perhaps Bad Birdie Golf is your sort of company.  Bad Birdie makes golf polos for players whose style is as fresh as their game.  

Stories of increased net worth, free beers, and less shanks have been reported after golfers have worn a Bad Birdie polo.
Here I am wearing the Salty Savage.  When was the last time you received 4 compliments on your golf polo in one round?

Here I am wearing the Salty Savage.  When was the last time you received 4 compliments on your golf polo in one round?

There are a variety of impressive styles offered on  It's worth heading over to their site just to read the shirt descriptions. You will find things like, "We attached a golf polo to a giant electromagnetic metal rod on top of a skyscraper during an intense lightning storm.  A lightning bolt struck the polo and left this design."  Each polo is hand sewn with moisture-wicking and anti-odor fabric that’s 100% polyester and 100% made in the USA.

The "FAF (Fresh AF)"

The "FAF (Fresh AF)"

The "Pineapple Patrol"

The "Pineapple Patrol"

If you have spent some time around the game, you have seen the golfer that shows up to the course wearing loud pants paired with an aggressive polo.  Or maybe you saw Billy Horschel wearing octopus pants Sunday at the 2013 US Open.  Perhaps you saw a picture of John Daly... just any picture of John Daly.  Clearly, there is something happening here.  There must be some sort of power in the apparel.  

A player can actually benefit greatly from looking good on the golf course.  A golfer that dresses boldly and with confidence is more likely to play in a bold and confident manner.  A golfer that doesn't care about other people's opinions is also more likely to play within himself.  With this same type of approach, Tiger Woods used his "Sunday Red" to win 79 times on the PGA tour.  With golf being such a mental battle, why not turn in that tired old polo for a new confident approach?  

You look like an idiot
— My wife - 2010
Oh I get it now. Go get em, honey.
— My wife - 2017

Bad Birdie might not be the company for you and it certainly isn't the company for everybody.  However, one cannot deny that there is power in the polo.  

The question is, are bad enough to harness it?