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Delta Putt

When it comes to training aids, I am always skeptical.  With so many out there, it is difficult to sort through those that are worth while and those that are a waste of time.  To give some background.  Here are the criteria in which I measure the validity of training aids.

  • Repetition and muscle memory are the only ways to actually make a change to your swing.
  • When making changes in your swing, the movement must feel exaggerated at first.
  • Visual cues are very helpful when training.
  • Two swing thoughts are one too many.
  • Positive swing changes take real time and effort.
I have never putted better in my life, I wish I would have had this back in my 20’s.
— Dave Grill - Founder Gsix Products

When you head to the Gsix Products website, you will find the compelling story of a family business started by a man named Dave Grill.  This family owned company is the business that brings you the Delta Putt.  Dave is a man who is passionate about the product that he created.  Not only is Dave the creator, but he is also a big time believer and user of his own product, which is always questionable with other products in the marketplace.  

Here is how the training aid works.  Included in the box, you have the following

  • The Delta Putt track
  • The Delta Putt triangle

The goal is to line up the putter and hit the triangle right down the middle of the track.  Each side of the triangle offers a different difficult level (amateur, pro, and tour).  The device will give you immediate feedback as it veers off to the right or left dramatically with a slight mishit.  The tour level is actually quite difficult.

The idea is that you will immediately learn patterns in your putting stroke and then be able adjust your setup and stroke according to that feedback.  The idea is straight forward and simple.  Dave does a good job of explaining the feedback in the video.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can use it anywhere.
  • The feedback is immediate.
  • It Builds muscle memory.


  • It is tough to stay interested.
  • It primarily focuses on line not speed.


Although, I do have an aversion to practicing putting for more than 15 minutes, it's tough to stay interested when there is no pay off or game-ification associated with the device.  I am the sort of golfer that needs a fun putting drill or contest to stick around.  You will have to come up with your own ideas here.  However, if you are the sort of player that loves a good distraction in the office, this can be a great way to groove that putting stroke in between conference calls.  

The most powerful impact that the Delta Putt can deliver comes from the feedback it provides.  As compared to rolling a golf ball, The Delta putt will show you even the slightest push or pull.  A short putt with a golf ball might go right into the hole and you would think everything is on track.  However, that same stroke with The Delta Putt might reveal that even thought the ball was struck well enough to find the hole, the putter face was slightly open.  This valuable insight can help you manage your game at the detailed level required to consistently putt down the line.

If you can commit to using the Delta Putt consistently, this device will certainly improve your ability to stroke a putt down the line.  For players that struggle with shorter putts, where line is more critical than speed, the Delta Putt can prove to be most helpful.  To learn more or place an order, visit Dave and his family at