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Recover Brands is an apparel company that uses 100% recycled materials to create it's products.  Their mission is to create the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible; and to educate and inspire those around them to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow.  

My golf polo model game remains strong.  Hit the  contact  button below to book me for a shoot today.

My golf polo model game remains strong.  Hit the contact button below to book me for a shoot today.

Since 2010, Recover Brands has diverted 5.4 million plastic bottles from the landfill.  Holy crap, that is a serious amount of bottles.  But get this!... America actually disposes of 5.4 million bottles every hour.  The good news: Recover Brands has tapped into an economically vast and environmentally helpful source for its products.

The actual process of how Recover turns 8 bottles into 1 shirt is quite interesting.  But in short, they shred those bottles into flakes, melt the flakes into pellets, turn those pellets into yarn, and then sew the shirts.

When I first heard of the company, I thought the idea sounded interesting, but I remained skeptical on the quality.  I feel like the majority of people perceive that anything that is made from 100% recycled products must somehow be inferior to something made by a large name apparel brand.

After receiving the polo in the mail, I realized that I was mistaken immediately.  The shirt fit great and has a simple classic style.  It feels similar to other polyester blend shirts and you would never guess that it is made out of plastic bottles.  The cost of the shirt is $39.00.

For a guy with an entire closet full of golf polos, it says something that this shirt made it into the regular rotation right away.

Now, I am well aware that big brand apparel deals with PGA players have typically shaped the landscape of what people are wearing on the golf course.  But perhaps, it is worth taking a second to consider an alternative.

If name brand isn't a requirement and you are looking for a good quality shirt at a reasonable price, Recover is one of the easiest environmentally sound decisions you can make.  You gotta do something to offset the environmental impact of spraying a dozen Titleists into the woods every Sunday.  

Recover also makes more than just polos, the company also has hoodies, shirts, and accessories available on their website.  Learn more about Recover Brands and the great work they are doing here.